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Certifications & Licenses

CPCM - 2000

Approved For Certification As A Certified  Professional Consultant to Management

Who's Who - 1999

Voted By My Peers Into International Who's Who of Business Management

DCFS - 1997

Trained And Certified Diversified Cash-Flow Specialist

Insurance Broker - 1996

Certified and Licensed in NV-CA-SC-NC-GA-AL

Real Estate - NV - 1995

Coursework Completed 4.0 GPA







































The Art of Ad Copy!


Trick or Treat...

You Are Going To Get One Chance!

Whether you are using a Direct Mail, Radio Spiel, Television Spot or Direct Response campaign -- Your job is to create an opportunity, and then take advantage of that opportunity to grab your prospects full-undivided attention, and motivate this person to take action... NOW!

Do You Salt Their Wound Or Caress Their Ego?

Your mission while writing advertising copy, is to quickly accomplish three things...

1.   Empathy -- You must immediately establish your understanding of the prospects pain or desire -- and how fantastic it would feel to find the cure or fulfill the fantasy!

2.   Credibility -- Your word is your bond... You mean action... You are dedicated to this endeavor and you will stand by your client throughout the entire process and meet their every expectation!

3.   A Decision To ACT NOW! -- You (not your prospect), must be prepared to act now -- The number one reason most advertising copy fails miserably is the message puts the responsibility of taking action on the prospect...

Benefits vs Objections

Don't Sell The Steak... Don't Sell The Sizzle... SELL THE HUNGER!

"But will your product satisfy my hunger?"... is the real question your prospect has and you need to ensure that you have addressed every issue the prospect believes must be answered before they take the crucial step in selecting you as their solution provider.

You need to develop a list of benefits and explain in detail how your prospect will realize each and every one of them. Does your list of benefits address each of the objections the prospect believes they may encounter... (without focusing on the objections)?

Reality vs Perception (or what the other guys miss)...

This is when you need to think outside of the box!

Sales is an emotional game and understanding that while you direct the prospect's mindset into one of imagining the benefits they will realize... they still have the problem! They still have a problem to solve... a fantasy to fulfill... and many marketers do not realize that a prospect's sense of urgency will greatly diminish with every step they take toward solving their dilemma... take advantage of this and start building an awareness of their future need for your back-end solutions now!

This builds value in your current offer and more importantly -- Builds a need for a long term relationship in both your prospect's and your mind. This need for building a relationship will create a doorway for your future long-term success!

Image = Association + Positioning

Your image and the prospects perception of your image is your stock in trade... not your product... not your commitment to excellence... and definitely not your past performance!

While all these issues factor into building a strong positive image -- remember the prospects idea of who you are and how you rank in their list of potential solution providers is the real battle for their business.

You must know your USP (Unique Selling Preposition) and focus everything you do toward reinforcing the association of this USP with your organization in the prospect's mind. Successful campaigns which hammer home this all important fact while doing whatever it takes to become the prospects first choice in solution providers will help you to achieve your ultimate goal of building a profitable marketing campaign.

A Plan Comes Together!

With all of this in mind you are now ready to build a winning, results oriented marketing campaign! Now is the time to formulate your message, develop your attention getting headlines, create alarming sub-headers, incorporate your powerful action words, deliver maximum positioning and formulate your irresistible call to action!

Success = Knowing Your Profit Equation

We are not only building a successful marketing campaign... we are also creating a roadmap through which we can drive home sales for years to come.  By completely understanding the various parts of a successful marketing campaign, we are developing a tool which can be used over and over again to either build future campaigns should we saturate the market with this message delivery device or to create other campaigns to test against our winning control piece.

My name is Michael Jay Wilson. I am a copywriter...

My job is to help you find the right message...

Take the time to email me & lets get this show on the road... ...the road to success!



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