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Certifications & Licenses

CPCM - 2000

Approved For Certification As A Certified  Professional Consultant to Management

Who's Who - 1999

Voted By My Peers Into International Who's Who of Business Management

DCFS - 1997

Trained And Certified Diversified Cash-Flow Specialist

Insurance Broker - 1996

Certified and Licensed in NV-CA-SC-NC-GA-AL

Real Estate - NV - 1995

Coursework Completed 4.0 GPA































The Science of Special Reports

Special reports are the perfect tool for establishing a relationship with your potential clients. By offering them to your prospects you identify people who have an interest in your products and/or services while building confidence in your prospect that you are an expert at what you do.
Writing company special reports which convince, and in turn convert, your prospects into potential clients eager to use your product and/or service is the science of mixing your sales message with information establishing your expertise on a subject.

Types Of Special Reports

Many people may try to 'give up' as little information as possible using their special report as a form of teaser copy, while seasoned marketing experts advocate a small measure of 'overkill' when it comes to these all-important business offerings.
You have two choices here... One, you can make the special report's topic a story which tells your prospect every step it takes to succeed at an aspect of what you do, making it a step-by-step guide for them to professionally accomplish what you can do for them, on their own... Or two, you can make up a variety of special reports pertaining to areas of special interest to your prospects which help them to help you do a better job for them... In turn walking them closer to becoming your client!
The first choice can produce amazing results if written correctly. It establishes exactly what you would do for them and more importantly they see first hand your attention to detail and the type of results they can expect. But, if it is written incorrectly you may have just given away the formula for success in your industry and created instant competitors... who you can be sure won't be offering this type of special report.
The second type of special report is usually the wiser course of action for most companies to offer. They usually address ancillary or secondary issues specific to the different types of prospects a company has and can be great tools for dividing and conquering. Let's use the example of a Real Estate broker trying to define the needs of visitors to a website. By offering special reports which appeal to either buyers or sellers he can one, capture their contact information and two, know exactly what follow-up e-mails to send them.

How Long Should A Special Report Be?

The length of a special report varies with the needs of the prospect and the amount of information necessary to establish your company as an expert in your field. I have written special reports up to 160+ pages long, but that was an extraordinary circumstance concerning several corporate strategies which would call for the formation of corporate entities... which service my client at the time is in the business of performing. I have also wrote several one page checklists for Real Estate companies, 10 Steps To A Faster Sale... How To Take the Headaches Out Of Home Loans... etc 
There are two schools of thought on how long sales copy should be, (which a Special Report should always be considered by you to be). The first is an argument for using long copy...
Say What You Are Going To Say, Say It, And Say What You Said!
Meaning make your argument in three different manners ensuring that your prospect understands your message thus capturing their interest.
The second is an argument for brevity...
Long Copy Bores, Short Copy Sells!
Meaning get to the offer quick, explaining your empathy and the benefits associated with taking you up on your offer. 
In both cases you don't bury the prospect in a shower of information, you stick to the benefits the type of prospect you are speaking to would be interested in attaining.

Yes, Special Reports = A Sales Attempt!

Your special report while being informative should also be a convincing and compelling advertisement for your services. Always include a method for your prospect to easily get back in touch with you as well as a call to action or a well defined course of action you wish for them to take next... So that you can earn the sale.
The transition from an informative report to your call for action should convey your understanding of their needs and/or desires and motivate them to allow you to help them solve their problem or fulfill their fantasy! This is where most special reports lose the readers attention... and is where the true artistry of a professional copywriter comes in handy!
My name is Michael Jay Wilson. I am a copywriter...
My job is to help you find the right message...
Take  the time to email me and lets get this show on the road... ...the road to success!


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