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Certifications & Licenses

CPCM - 2000

Approved For Certification As A Certified Professional Consultant to Management

Who's Who - 1999

Voted By My Peers Into International Who's Who of Business Management

DCFS - 1997

Trained And Certified Diversified Cash-Flow Specialist

Insurance Broker - 1996

Certified and Licensed in NV-CA-SC-NC-GA-AL

Real Estate - NV - 1995

Required Coursework Completed 4.0 GPA

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"Prepare To Drown In A Sea Of Profits,
Sales And Satisfied Customers When You Unleash The Power Of Crushing Copy And Proven Conversion Techniques That Can Transform Your Sales Message Into A Thundering Downpour Of Cash!"

  • Are you ready to watch your response rates shoot through the roof and produce record profits this year? 
  • Isn't it time you decided to capture and convert more qualified prospects into loyal and dedicated clients who literally beg you for your products and/or services?
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My name is Michael Jay Wilson and I have developed 100's of websites and written advertising copy for scores of companies
all across America, and even for a few international companies.

Image Campaigns Commerce Sites
Database Driven Portfolio & R.E. Listings Web Sites
Top Ranking Presence On Search Engines
Multiple Website Networks

Starting as a business broker in Louisiana at the ripe age of 21, I have marketed and sold everything from cars to corporate strategies in both local and national campaigns

"Michael, I should make you my Vice President of Impossible Projects!"

Lewis Laughlin, Laughlin Associates - 1999

Testing, Testing, Testing... Over the years I have learned how best to use all of the elements and components which are needed to create any successful marketing campaign... teaser copy, testimonials, Johnson boxes, 'Splash'
and qualifying pages, special offers and reports, conversion tools and techniques, headlines, design, ad and offer structure and layout...
and so much more!
Due this extensive testing and research I have learned the sweet science and art of creating powerful and successful marketing campaigns...
...I Know What Works!

"Mr. Wilson, talented and resourceful... I highly recommend him!"

Ray Masayko, Mayor of Carson City, NV - 1997

The question is -- What can I do for YOU If you want your sales to skyrocket and realize a 10 to 100% ...or even higher increase in your response rate and your bottom line, then hiring my expert services as a copywriter or web-slinger just may be the smartest thing you could possibly do for your future success!

Contact me to get started - michaeljaywilson@ibizmktg.com

"Different Strokes For Different Folks!"
...or why not just use a cheap template service?

You need a complete and custom solution! Your project will have specific goals which are unique to the type of business you are in as well as the product(s) and/or service(s) you offer. Cookie-cutter instant solutions offered by so many other marketing services usually only offer you a small part of the solution you need.
When I design a marketing campaign for you, we will address your specific needs and the best possible tools we can develop to handle these needs and accomplishing the specific goals necessary to generate the optimum response for your marketing endeavor.
  • Would your project best be served by a 'Long Copy' sales letter, such as the one you are reading now, or a website which qualifies the reader according to their different needs and the services you offer?
  • Are you looking to develop highly qualified leads or are you going straight for the sale?
  • Are you looking to capture top terms on the search engines to 1 - drive traffic to your site, and 2 - legitimize your company with a great presence on the Internet?
  • Is your project seeking to build stronger relationships with your current clients or are you attempting to project a more professional image to reinforce your sales message?

...Or do you wish to accomplish a combination of these objectives?

The Different Tools We Can Develop, Fall Into Four Main Categories:

Click on the category name for a more detailed description!

Are you ready to get serious about your success?  Let's catapult your sales and response rates to a whole new level... Let's get started on designing and building you THE ULTIMATE MARKETING CAMPAIGN!



Okay, Sounds Great... But How Much Will This Cost Me?

Your investment in your marketing efforts and ultimately your entire future success is probably the most important decision you will make in business!
I usually charge up to $1000 per letter sized page of advertising copy I create.

But... After you write one page of copy for a client, you have a better understanding of their needs and the words come much easier... so the larger the job, the less I charge per page. In fact, on most jobs I contract for, I give a flat rate for the entire project regardless of the total number of pages necessary to fulfill the needs of the campaign (within reason).

Another important note is that once I have developed a minor piece of your advertising campaign after completing the research necessary to understand your, product and prospective client base, I can extrapolate from and expand upon that message easily so we can develop a fuller more robust presence with these all important elements in place. - So, your project, professional crafted, will probably cost you much less than you would first imagine.

Throw in my guarantee to do my best to get the job done right... even if I have to redesign the project a couple times - and free hosting for local clients who advertise on my local community network which affords you a larger presence and ads which rank extremely well on the search engines... you will know I am dedicated to your success and I am not going to nickel and dime you with overpriced services.

My normal minimum for any job is $2000... But... I will break that rule too, depending upon my current workload and your needs as my client.

Let me give you some examples...

Let's say you hire me to write seven letters which were five to ten paragraphs long each for an e-mail campaign...

7 Letter E-Mail Campaign -- $2100

How about a long-copy sales letter like the one you are reading now... Complete with interactive and fulfillment devices for direct mail efforts...

Web-Based or Direct Mail Sales Letter -- $3000

What if you need a special report like the one you can get HERE FREE, This will vary with the research and rewrites necessary to make sure it meets your needs...

Special Report, White Paper, How-To Guide -- $3500

How about a complete website, like this one with its many extra pages and design elements including; logo, pictures, entry pages, pop-ups, special report, FAQ, audio presentation and follow-up letters for an e-mail campaign... this price may also vary according to the elements required as well as the research and rewrites necessary.

Complete Web-Site With All The Bells And Whistles -- $5,000

The investment you make here is just a beginning...
  • Once the money starts rolling in... we can begin testing the different elements of your campaign to fine tune and improve it's 'Profit Potential'!
  • We will also begin to incorporate other tools into your marketing mix to capture more prospects while we zero in on and expand your target market!
  • Then we will take a look at repositioning your product(s) and or service(s) and review whether you can develop whole new markets which you can sell to!
But it is all up to you... You really need to ask yourself...

...Can you afford not to hire a professional copywriter and marketing expert?

What Guarantees Do I Have That This Will Work?

You have my word that I will do everything in my power to create the best possible marketing campaign for you. ...Please understand that just like a lawyer can not guarantee an acquittal and a doctor can't promise you a cure, we can not be absolutely sure your marketing campaign will perform as expected.


Upon full payment for services rendered,
I will make any number of minor changes you decide we will need to make to better perfect your project.

After 30 days, should you decide that you do not like the results for any reason...

I Will Rewrite The Entire Project From Scratch!


 I Can Guarantee You Two More Things!  

1. I guarantee you that a well written and professionally presented offer will outperform haphazard marketing efforts 99.99% of the time!

2. I guarantee you that the quicker we get started, the quicker you will realize the benefits of a professionally crafted marketing campaign.

"How Do I Hire You?"

1. Submit your request for proposal, by simply e-mailing me at michaeljaywilson@ibizmktg.com.

2. Once we meet or speak about your needs you can tell me which services you would like me to perform for you.

3. Keeping in mind that you have the greatest incentive for us to succeed I will need for you to proactively help me to put together the materials and acquire the education I need to best serve you.


Straight Fees are to be paid on 50/50 basis
  • A 50% Non-Refundable Deposit Is Required Before I Begin Work.
  • The Remaining 50% Is Immediately Due Upon Delivery
  • Hosting Fees - Usually I do not charge for hosting as I place a 'footer' ad on all the sites I create, and my local clients also enjoy the benefit of increasing their presence on the Internet and thus getting more for their money by advertising on my top ranking local community website network. - Multiple-site and non-advertising clients are charged minimal hosting fees to cover my costs only. ...As of now that is only about 50 per month per site.
  • Maintenance Fees - Maintenance tasks such as timely site back-ups are automated and are free for all of my clients. - Other site maintenance requested by clients are charged on an individual per-case basis - and I make it a point to only charge for tasks which will require more than a few minutes to accomplish.

Pay-For-Performance Projects
- 50% Deposit/50% Of Fixed Rate Due Upon Completion
          - Negotiated Rates For Pay-For-Performance Deals Paid Upon Milestones Met

  • A 50% Non-Refundable Deposit Is Required Before I Begin Work.
  • The Remaining 50% Of Fixed Rate Is Immediately Due Upon Delivery.
  • After that I only make money if you do!

Don't worry about me, I always make more money this way... a lot more!

This is the way it works.

Let's say I build you a multi-website network geared to capture top ranking terms on the search engines. We set a price for the core job and you pay me 50% to get started. I build out the websites to your satisfaction within the confines of what I know will obtain the results we desire. Once we have this step completed you will pay me the remainder of the price we set for completing the core job. Then after so much time we measure your sustained success on the search engines and you pay me bonus amounts per our agreement.

Or if for instance we are working upon a Direct Mail campaign, you will need to pay the 50%/50% payments for completing the core jobs where we develop the materials to be used in the campaign. Once you put the project to work making money, you pay me a fee on per-mailing basis and/or commissions where after 5% of your total gross profits surpass the amount you have already paid me, you start paying me a negotiated percentage of all future sales generated from these efforts as long as you continue use my marketing campaign. - Of course these fees and rates are to be negotiated on a per job basis.

We both win! And because I have a better knowledge of your product as well as a vested interest in your on-going success, for a reduced rate, you can periodically have me modify the materials to increase our response and conversion rates.

But... In order for me to agree to this type of fee schedule the following requirements must be met.

  • The project must involve active quantifiable benchmarks which can be directly attributed to the marketing project.
  • I must agree to work with your product or service on this basis.
  • You must have follow-up and due diligence procedures in place and being completed on a consistent basis.
  • Your business must be established and in the black for a minimum of one year.
  • You must give me adequate proof that you are notifying me of releases while tracking and reporting the projects performance.

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